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Alcohol Detox at Home Programme


Following initial consultation the Home Detox Programme provides a structured, pharmacological assisted, personalised programme for our clients.


This takes into account the personal drinking habits and patterns of cravings of our clients. The Home Detox Programme will last up to a maximum of 10 days, depending on individual client circumstances.


This programme is safe enough to be carried out at the client’s home, provided the client can ensure:

  1. You have never experienced fits or seizures, whether related to alcohol withdrawal or pre-existing medical conditions

  2. There must be someone who can accompany you throughout the entirety of the detox programme. This person must be with you at all times

  3. You must be able to set aside a period of 10 days (maximum) for the detoxification process

  4. You are consuming no more than a daily amount of 30 units

To help work out the number of units of alcohol please use the table below. If you need further help, please contact via the ‘Book Consultation’ button

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